Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Sandy Hook: More on Noah Pozner / Michael Vabner


[Editor's note: Kelley Watt has suggested that "Noah Pozner" might be photos of his purported half-brother, Michael Vabner, as a child. What Anonymous has discovered provides powerful reinforcement for that stunning hypothesis, which other developments--including the recent mysterious disappearance of Kelley's original blog from this site--further reinforce.]

Regarding Noah Pozner/Michael Vabner situation.  I did some more study on the Noah holding the Lego Star Wars book, the book having come out in Sept. of 2012.  After more study on this, and more research of other photos of Noah, I am certain this photo of him with that book is photoshopped.  There are also 2 other photos that are suspect, one is him wearing an "Angry Birds" t-shirt at about age 3, and another "Marvel Heroes" t-shirt also at about age 3.  

First of all, the Star Wars Lego book came out in Sept 2012 but there is no way it could have been available in a school library that year.  How do I know this?  I was a school librarian and I know how the book purchasing is done, which is by fiscal year beginning Sept. 1. That book could not have been at their school library in 2012. Also the Angry Birds merchandise did not come out until after 2010.  They have Noah in that shirt at about age 3. Noah was born in 2006.  The angry birds video game did not even come out until 2010 and even then the clothing merchandising about a year later.  That photo puts Noah wearing "Angry Birds" clothing in 2009.  

The very first video game of it didn't come out until 2009.  It is usually several years after a marketed animated character comes out before it is mass marketed as clothing.  Same thing Marvel Super Heroes.  About the same time, just could not have been available that early on.  Clearly these photos were done on purpose as a response to the Michael Vabner revelation.  

[Editor's note: Anonymous is referring to the blog by Kelley Watt, which I regarded as quite exceptional:

JAMES FETZER: Is Noah's older step-brother, Michael Vabner, Noah ...

But when I attempt to link to it, the blog itself has been deleted. This suggests to me that Lenny Pozner has powerful friends who do not want the truth to emerge about Sandy Hook. Here is the most important photograph that was included in the original blog (click to view):

I am adding at the end the concluding paragraphs of Kelley's important blog. Here is more from Anonymous.]

I also don't even remember ever seeing that photo of Noah with that book until very recently and I have done research on him especially after the Pakistan photo came out.   So my educated guess says they photoshopped enough pictures in more up to date ways to try and fool the public at large, they just didn't bother to do their homework about exactly when those images could have been available.

This is Noah in Angry Birds T-shirt, he could not have been more than 3.  Angry Birds clothing was not yet available on the mass market.  Also, the sister looks photoshopped in to me.  Shadows around left arm.

Noah at what looks like about age 2 or 2 1/2. This is the new Marvel SuperHero Images which were not out yet on the mass market.

Also took a look at that school library behind Noah.  That is the old Sandy Hook library or at least it is a library from back in the 90s based on the furniture. I had that same exact furniture in my school library when I started in 2002 and it had been there a number of years already which would have put it in the 90s. That was definitely not a modern school library.

[Editor's note: Here follows the final paragraphs of Kelley's original blog. Click to view.
The striking resemblance between Michael Vabner and Noah Pozner (where Vabner appears to be "Noah all grown up") combined with the fabrication of photos Anonymous has (in my view) conclusively established here (to have been photoshopped)--not to mention the disappearance of the original blog from my site--provides powerful proof that Kelley Watt has completely blown the Lenny-Pozner-as-Noah's-father fraud out of the water.]